10 Good things about becoming a Permanent Resident in Canada

How to Get a Canada Permanent Resident Visa

People often say that Canada is a “paradise for immigrants.” Every year, Canada surprises the rest of the world by taking in more immigrants. The Canada Permanent Resident visa process takes 5 to 8 months after receiving ITA (Invitation to Apply) for a PR visa to be processed.
It has a friendly attitude, its economy is growing, and it is easy to move there. This has made it almost perfect for people to come and live there permanently.

Canada Permanent Resident
Apply for a Canada Permanent Resident visa

Here are the 10 best things about having a Canada Permanent Resident:

  1. The right to work and live in Canada
    People say that Canada is the second-best place to live and work globally.
    It is one of the best places to live in terms of overall sustainability, cultural impact, economic impact, entrepreneurship, and quality of life.
    You can move to any Canadian territory or province as soon as you get a PR (Canada Permanent Resident visa). You don’t have to stay with the same boss, job, or province.
  2. Get your visa extended or renewed after 5 years
    Most permanent residency status cards in Canada are good for 5 years, but some are only good for 1 year.
    Also, there is no set limit on how many times you can get your visa status extended.
    The officer will look at your goal and your past to decide if there is a good reason for you to stay.
  3. Let’s you bring your whole family!
    If you get a Canada permanent resident visa, your family can move to Canada with you and have the same freedoms you do.
    But if you are 18 or older, you can sponsor a certain number of residents.
  4. All U.S. children have the right to free education.
    The Canadian government makes sure that all children of permanent residents get a free secondary education (up to the age of 18).
    There are three levels of education in Canada: elementary, middle, and high school.
  5. Everyone should be able to get health insurance.
    All immigrants to Canada get free, full health care from the Canadian government and authorities.
    Everyone in Canada who has a valid Canada permanent resident visa is entitled to free health care, including the cost of prescription medicines.
  6. The good things that happen to the community
    Immigrants who have lived in Canada for 40 years and earned 40 credit points can also get social security payments. Ten years of work, or 40 quarters of the year.
    Canada’s people have a better quality of life because they have jobs that pay well and get tax breaks.
  7. How to Become a Canadian Citizen
    You can live there as a Canadian permanent resident for the next five years.
    To become a citizen of Canada, you must have lived there for at least 1,095 days, or three years, out of the last five.
  8. Freedom to go wherever you want
    You can move inside and outside of Canada if you have a Canada PR card.
    You also have the option of moving to a different province. You can always look for a new job, a different career path, or another way to make money, no matter where you live.
  9. Having the skills to start a business
    Landed immigrants are another name for people who live in Canada for good. They can also legally start their own business after moving to Canada.
    You can invest in a franchise or start a new business in Canada without becoming a citizen. You can do this as a sole proprietor, a partnership, or a corporation.
  10. Having a safe and secure place to be
    It is safe and secure to move there. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms says that Canada’s government and authorities have to protect the rights of people who live there permanently.


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